Friday, February 20, 2009

Satan has You Right Where God Wants You!

Satan is so dumb! (I say that in the kindest possible

I have noticed that God loves to let Satan think that he has you right where he wants you. When, in reality, he is positioning you for your greatest victory.

Pharaoh thought he had Israel right where he wanted them. With mountains to each side and a sea before them, Pharaoh bore down on them. However, God
had a different plan. God was using the enemy for His own purposes.

Purpose One - To show Israel who He is.

To show them…

...that He is the God of all the elements.

(Cloud, Fire, and Sea)
...that He is well able to deliver.
...that He is well able to defeat any enemy no matter how large or advanced their armies may be.

Purpose Two - To show us the type and shadow of the New Birth message

...left their old life - Repentance
...passed through the sea - Baptism
...passed through the cloud - Holy Ghost

Therefore, the enemy was just a tool in the hands of God used to fulfill God's purpose in the lives of His people.

Satan thought he had Joseph where he wanted him… (Egypt)

Satan thought he had Daniel and the Hebrew boys where he wanted them… (Lion’s Den and the Fiery Furnace)

Satan also thought he had Jesus where he wanted him... (On the Cross)

Once again God was just using Satan's lust for power and his hatred for man kind to fulfill His purpose. He allowed Satan to orchestrate circumstances that seemed to be a defeat for God and His people, only to use those circumstances to propel His purpose in to the light for all to see.

So, when you feel that you have reached the end and the enemy has won.

Don't give up!

You are only being positioned for your promise!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Do We Seek the Lord?


So many reasons... seemingly valid reasons... seemingly noble reasons...

However, I hear the voice of the Lord crying... "What about Me?"

He is wanting us to seek Him for Him... Relationship!

If we will ever seek Him for Him... Then true revival will come! All that we so desire is only found in Him and a relationship with Him!

Let us stop seeking Him so that we can grow a church or even reach our cities.

Let us seek Him for Him. Let us fall in love with Him. Then and only then will we truly have what He wants us to have.

Then and only then will we find His direction...His love...His compassion...His power...

Forgive me Oh Lord for seeking You for my own means... Help me to seek You for You!

Only when my will and desires become one with His will I truly be revived.

Help me to stop being "holy" for me... help me to stop "praying" for me... help me to stop "preaching" for me... help me to stop "reaching souls" for me...

Let my ego die on the cross. Let me become of no reputation for Your glory. Let me live only to establish and maintain a relationship with You.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Power of Wonderful Words

I was thinking today of how powerful words can be...

Negative words...

For years I thought I could not sing, even though I enjoyed singing, all because my sister used to tell me I "couldn't carry a tune in a bucket." I am 38 and her words still ring in my ears as if she said them today. I am still not a great singer but I can sing enough to get by...

Ugly, Dumb, Absent Minded, Sloppy...on and on... negative words ring their demoralizing tune.

Positive words...

"Your handwriting is so neat," were the words of some nameless substitute spoken to me in 5th grade. Almost 30 years later I can still hear these words of encouragement.

"You are too smart for this level of work," were the words of my 8th grade English teacher after I have failed miserably one six week period. I became her best student and went on to AP English classes in High School. (Even though you may not can tell it now...

You're Smart, Organized, Precise, Loving, Kind, Generous... Powerful Words!

Words are Powerful!

Whoever made up the rhyme "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" was just kidding themselves.

I've seen bruises and breaks heal much faster that destructive words. In fact, many times wounds from words never heal.

Let us be careful today... Give someone the gift of wonderful words today! Maybe you will give them something to build on for the future.

There is Power in Your Wonderful Words!

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