Friday, March 14, 2008

If God Could…

“If God could…” is a very strange way to start an article. We all know that God can do anything. However, there are certain restraints that He places on Himself. He has given us the gift of freewill and along with that powerful gift, He gives us the right to serve Him or ignore Him.

As I lay my head down on my pillow last evening these three little words were whispered in my ear.

“If God could…”, “if God could do what?” I asked.

Immediately, another whisper, “if God could do with you what He wanted to what would He do?”

Suddenly, I knew the answers.

First, He would spend more time with me. ---PAUSE---

As this answer flooded my mind and overwhelmed my heart, tears ran from my eyes onto my pillow. He would spend more time with me? The God of heaven; the King of kings; my Creator; my Savior desires my companionship?

Amazing! Shocking! Humbling!

With tears staining my pillow I had a sense of God’s desire for me. He desires simple communion between Creator and the created; Father and son; friends.

Simultaneously, I felt joy and shame. I felt joy for His desire and shame for my busyness; for my out-of-line priorities; and for my lack of discipline. I prayed…forgive me?

The second answer that whispered in the deepest recesses of my heart was that He would use me to love others. He would use my hands to strengthen the weak; to care for the useless; and to care for my brother and my sister.

He wants to use my hands, my feet, and my voice to help the hurting.

Let it never be said of me that I restrained God because of my unwillingness. I surrender all over again today. I dedicate my life to communing with my creator and to allowing him to work through me.

If God Could…?

Release Him today in your life.

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