Friday, October 23, 2009

Cracking Conventional Wisdom - Satan?

What does conventional wisdom say about Satan? It says that Satan is...

1. equal in power to God
2. able to stop God's purpose
3. able to defeat the church
4. able to control our actions
5. the king of a domain called hell

What is the real truth?

1. Satan is not an equal to God. God has no equal. He is the creator of all things and His power is unmatched. God does not even have to break a sweat to defeat the enemy. Satan is simply a fallen angel that was cast out of heaven by God and his fall was like lightening from heaven.

2. God's purpose will not be stopped. He will ultimately be worshiped. He will ultimately be proclaimed king. Satan will ultimately be defeated.

3. God will have the Church. The Church will not fail or be defeated. It is founded on Jesus Christ the solid rock.

4. The devil cannot "make" us do anything. We have to give him influence. If we submit ourselves unto God then we can resist the devil and he will flee from us.

5. Hell is not Satan's domain. He is not in charge of hell. He fears hell. He dreads hell. He will be a victim of its torture just as any unrepentant sinner.

We have nothing to fear from our enemy, Satan. If we stay in the church and stay submitted to God then we will be victorious.

Remember, if Satan COULD destroy you he WOULD.

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