Friday, December 7, 2007

The Only Vehicle that God will Endorse

David’s desire was to have the Glory of God returned to Israel and specifically to Jerusalem. His heart was in the right place, yet; he quickly found out that just having the right desire was not enough.

Knowing David, I am sure when he commissioned a cart to be built for the purpose of conveying the Ark of the Covenant back to it’s rightful place, that he did not ask for just any cart.

In my imagination I see the finest vehicle that Israel’s artisans could create. No doubt, these artists carefully crafted a cart like no other. However, there was a fatal flaw in David’s plan and David’s ignorance cost Uzza his life.

No matter how ornate the vehicle, no matter how grand the plan, and no matter how right the desire, God still cares about the procedure.

The cart may have been something to behold, yet what David quickly found was that there is only one vehicle that God will endorse and that is man.

The Ark and the Glory that sat upon it was only to be carried by men. From the beginning of time it has been about man. God’s chosen people; God’s chosen vessels; God’s chosen vehicle…men.

God has not changed. He still only endorses the chosen vehicle of men. Programs and plans are necessary. Goals and organizations are important. However, God uses men. No program, plan, goal or organization will bring His Glory to our midst. Those things with out God moving in our lives only bring empty songs, empty messages, and empty hearts.

We must carry His Word, for He has chosen the foolishness of preaching to save them that are lost. We must carry His love, for if we have not love we are sounding brass or tinkling cymbal. We must usher in His presence with our praise. We are his chosen vehicle.

However absurd it may seem, God has chosen you and I to carry His presence to a lost and dying world. We cannot craft a cart ornate enough or effective enough to save our cities. We must carry Him ourselves.

Therefore, let us pray, praise, and preach like never before!

The only vehicle God will endorse is you and I!

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